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The 'Guarantee-Checked' Goodwill Seal.
The best way to publicize your guarantee
What others say for you can carry much more weight than your own words. Let us prove to people that you are willing to stand behind your guarantee by putting our Guarantee-Checked seal on your website and start turning your visitors into buyers. Our Guarantee-Checked seal shows your customers that in a world of empty promises you really mean business. Putting our seal on your website could be the smartest decision you've made all year!
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Why does our seal help?
If you're promoting a product or service online, you're more than likely offering a purchase guarantee as a gesture of goodwill and commitment to your customers. Too often a sale is lost because there is no 3rd party confirmation that you will stand behind your guarantee.

The Solution: Our Seal supports your guarantee by offering a 3rd party re-assurance in a clear and highly visibility manner. It shows that you will go the extra distance for your customers.

Do I actually have to live up to my guarantee?
Yes! You have to commit to resolve any valid complaints from customers who purchase your product or service. But this works in your favour because customers know that when you display a Guarantee-Checked seal, you have the integrity to stand behind your commitment . We are not unreasonable, but we will remove any merchant who will not resolve valid concerns from customers.

The Solution: Having integrity and good customer service is the foundation of any succesful internet website. We just help tell the world about you.

"It makes sense to have you guys promote my offer guarantee as well as what I already say on the site. "
"Until now I've been using my own home-made little image but this is sooo much better. "
"It works best when you put it right next to your call to action - a button or form. "
"Just simply awesome! "
"I love how it actually shows the guarantee right there in the popup window with my domain name as a verified member. "
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